How To Put The Past In The Past And Move Forward

A lot of men complain that their wife can’t seem to move past their mistakes.

Whether they’ve made big mistakes like an affair, or smaller mistakes like not listening to their wife…

They just want to forget about it and move forward.

They get frustrated when they make the changes their wife wants to see…

But their wife doesn’t seem to appreciate those changes.

This lack of appreciation can cause them to stop trying, which just makes things worse.

Learn how to break out of this cycle once and for all in this episode…

And put the past in the past once and for all.

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-Asking for forgiveness MINIMIZES the damage you’ve done

-Stop trying to “dig yourself out of the hole” with good behavior-Instead, decide who YOU want to be as a man

-And ask for your wife’s FEEDBACK to tell you when you’re not being that man

-Asking for and being open to feedback shows EXTREME emotional strength

-Which is very ATTRACTIVE to your wife

Dr. Mike
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