Mike Frazier, MD

Helping Married Guys Win Back Their Wives

Is your wife threatening to leave or divorce you?

Or, has she already left, kicked you out, or started the divorce process?

Right now I know that things seem hopeless.

You’ve probably apologized a million times.

You’ve tried begging, pleading, and telling her you’ve changed.

You’ve bought her gifts. Written her notes. Taken her to expensive places.

Maybe you’ve even tried couples therapy.

You’ve promised to change. Promised to do anything for her. Make any change she had been asking you to make.

But, nothing seems to make a difference.

She keeps rejecting you. Keeps bringing up the past. 

You feel defeated, like a loser.

You want to change, but also feel like no matter what you do, it won’t be enough.

Your worries and hopelessness get in the way of your sleep. They keep your focus off at work. You’re not producing as much.

You know you’ve set a bad example for your kids, which makes you feel even worse.

All of this makes you sometimes wonder whether it’s all worth it.

You think about throwing in the towel.

You think “maybe I’d be better off with someone else.”

And, you feel guilty about those thoughts.

But, you also realize that as many marriages end in divorce, even more second and third marriages end in divorce.

You realize that you’re missing something here.

You need to do something different, but you’re not sure what.

You think there may be some hope still to win your wife back.

You want to be a man that your wife and kids can be proud of.

More than that, you want to be a man that you can be proud of.

There’s good news.

You can become that kind of man.

You can save your marriage, avoid divorce, and become a hero to your wife and children.

I can help you get there.

And, you can get there without groveling, becoming your wife’s whipping boy, or getting yelled at in couples therapy.

My name is Mike Frazier and I’m a UCLA-trained psychiatrist who specializes in helping married guys win back their wives.

I help married men create a loving, passionate and unbreakable bond with their wives so they can save their marriage, avoid divorce, and be a hero to their children.

Schedule a 100% free, 100% confidential 45 minute Breakthrough Session with me today by clicking here.

We’ll help you figure out

  • The biggest obstacles in your marriage right now
  • The best steps you can take today to save your marriage
  • Whether we’re a good fit to work together further

There is no obligation for this breakthrough session.

No matter what happens after, this will be the best 45 minutes you have ever spent on your marriage.

Let’s break the cycle of pain and rejection and start creating the marriage of your dreams.

Schedule a 100% free, 100% confidential 45 minute Breakthrough Session with me today by clicking here

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