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One Time Investment. A Lifetime of Benefits.

1-on-1 Coaching For Individuals And Couples

In 1-on-1 coaching, we get to address your specific needs and situations.

This is like having a personal, 1 on 1 trainer for your strength building process.

This coaching is available for individuals and couples.

It is 100% true that you CAN transform your marriage…

Even after infidelity… like this couple…

Even if you’re the only one who wants to work on it…

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Each week you will have specific strength training exercises to do that will help you:

  • Overcome past hurts (including infidelity)
  • Feel confident again
  • Rebuild trust
  • Restore intimacy
  • Bring the passion and fire back
  • Become a master of communication
  • Turn conflict into connection
  • Make requests that get you what you want
  • Set boundaries
  • Maintain your gains… so you don’t go back to the same mistakes

All calls are done over Zoom, a video conferencing software, so we can meet ANYWHERE in the world, at YOUR most convenient location, and with COMPLETE confidentiality.

My Goal Is To Get You The Marriage Of Your Dreams In Just 8 Weeks Of 1 on 1 sessions together

If you value getting strong, getting attractive and getting the marriage of your dreams enough to make an investment to get there, then 1 on 1 coaching is a good fit for you.

Along with the weekly 1 hour, 1 on 1 sessions, this also includes:

  • LIFETIME access to all online materials (described below)
  • LIFETIME access to ask me questions through our online portal. I am on your team FOREVER.
  • LIFETIME access to a weekly group call
  • KNOWLEDGE and STRENGTH that will help you maintain and BUILD your marriage FOREVER

Investment: $3,000 for 8 weeks

One time investment. A lifetime of benefits.

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We’ll discuss:

-Where you are in your marriage

-Where you want to be

-Whether we’re a good fit to work together 1 on 1

If we’re a good fit, we will start our 8 weeks of 1 on 1 sessions the following week at the same time.

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The Super Man System

This is an online course for men who are working to repair their marriage alone.

In other words, their wife is not interested in coaching or working on the marriage.

For most of my guys, this means they messed up somehow.

Usually either by infidelity or by neglecting their wife over time.

In The Super Man System you will learn:

  • How to rebuild trust… even after infidelity
  • How to get your confidence back
  • Specific things to say and do to help repair your marriage
  • How to become a master of communication
  • How to restore intimacy in your marriage
  • How to maintain your gains

This can be a very lonely time.

As part of The Super Man System, you will be with a group of men who SUPPORT each other through this process.

You can come into the System anonymously, or use your name right up front.

Either way, you’ll be with other men who are building up their strength, which is VERY powerful.

As you work through The Super Man System, you will have specific assignments and goals to reach in spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and sexual strength.

For each assignment, you will submit them to me and I will give you feedback.

You will also be teaching what you learn in the group, because the best way to learn is to teach.

As you complete your tasks, you will “up level” to strong man level, then super man level across the areas of spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and sexual strength.

You will receive recognition in the group as you accomplish these tasks.

The Super Man System Is Like Joining A Team

We are working together towards becoming the BEST men we can be, and supporting each other through the process.

Investment: $1,200 or 4 payments of $350

This includes:

-LIFETIME access to the online materials. Go at your own pace.

-LIFETIME access to ask me questions (and get feedback from the group)

-LIFETIME access to a weekly group call to ask your questions live

Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

I am 100% confident that if you work through The Super Man System, you will feel and be STRONGER and MORE ATTRACTIVE than you have EVER been.

Because of that…

If you work through the system and reach Super Man level across all areas in the program, and feel it was not worth your investment, I will give you all of your money back.

That’s right.

I don’t care if it takes you 30 days or 30 years to finish the program.

If you do the work, reach Super Man level across all areas, and don’t feel it was worth your investment, I will give you your money back.

No questions asked.

One time investment. A lifetime of benefits. Lifetime money back guarantee.

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The 7 Day System Men Use to Save Their Marriage Email Course

In this FREE and CONFIDENTIAL 7 day email course you’re going to discover…

  • The #1 mistake men make when trying to win their wife back… and what to do instead
  • What to say and do when your wife says “you’ve hurt me so bad” or “I love you but I’m not in love with you.” Do this (using the specific phrases in the email) and her hurt and anger will melt away. 
  • How to regain your wife’s love and trust… even after infidelity (yours or hers)
  • How to become irresistible to your wife again

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