How To Put On The Armor Of God

Satan is attacking men, marriages and families CONSTANTLY.

Every day, 130 people commit suicide. Of those, 90 are men.

50% of marriages end in divorce. 40-80% of married people are unhappy in their marriage.

42% of Americans are obese.

The average savings for people age 20-40 is $2,000.

Satan’s goal is to make us WEAK and MISERABLE.

God wants us to be STRONG,JOYFUL and INDEPENDENT.

We defend ourselves and defeat Satan by putting on the armor of God.

Learn how to do that in practical, tactical ways in today’s episode.

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-Align yourself with God by being in integrity

-Use your sexuality in ways that are consistent with who YOU want to be

-Recognize there is right and wrong, and align yourself with right

-Identify your purpose and mission and move towards that

-Have the faith to do what is right and let the consequence follow (exposing your errors, fighting for win-win in your life and marriage)

-Fill your thoughts with light and truth

-Be in line with God’s Spirit and speak His words to influence others

Dr. Mike

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