How To End Resentment In Your Marriage

Resentment is a COMMON feeling in marriage.

But, most people don’t know where it comes from or what to do about it.

Overall, it comes from feeling like you are LOSING in your marriage…

While your wife is WINNING.

If you feel like you’re doing more than your fair share…

Doing things you don’t really want to do…

Or denying yourself things you really want…

Resentment is sure to follow.

Luckily, there’s a SIMPLE solution to completely ELIMINATE resentment in your marriage.

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-If you’re feeling resentful in your marriage, you are either:

–Doing things you don’t want to do

–Denying yourself things you want to do

–Doing things for your wife expecting her to do the same for you (without asking her clearly)

-Overall, it feels like you’re losing and she’s winning

-Instead, decide what’s a win for you

-Understand what’s a win for your wife

-And find a win for BOTH of you

Dr. Mike

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