Love, Intimacy And Legacy Program (Also Known As The Strong Man System)

Are you looking to create love, intimacy and connection with your wife?

Do you want to have that look of love from your wife, enjoying time together laughing, talking, and sharing great physical intimacy?

Do you want your wife to tell your boys to “be just like daddy” and your girls to “marry someone just like daddy?

Do you want to leave a legacy of Christ-like love and leadership for your family?

If so, then apply to join Love, Intimacy And Legacy.

This is about replacing UNATTRACTIVE habits of thinking, feeling and acting…

With ATTRACTIVE habits.

We do DAILY coaching and accountability for 90 days.

It takes about 21-60 days to build a habit. At 90 days, you will be strong and attractive as your default.

So you don’t “slip back” into your old ways.

When you change in this way, while aligned with God and Christian principles…

Success is inevitable.

This works. 100%.

See results here.

Phase 1 – Trust –> Safety And Self-Confidence

In this phase, we find how we have been out of alignment with our Christian values in our behavior towards our wife.

We see clearly the ways we have been selfish, mosquito-like, and hurtful to our wife. We see how we have been out of control with our emotions. Overall, we see how we have made her feel unsafe with us.

We apologize for that in the most effective way, and I help you write a powerful apology letter. This is for her, but it’s more for you. So you can see clearly the negative things you’re doing that are damaging your marriage and work on changing them permanently.

And then, we get back into alignment with who we want to be as men.

Men of our word. Men of integrity. Men who follow through. Men who control our temper and our emotions and our thoughts.

This lets our wife feel emotionally safe with us.

And it greatly improves our self-esteem and self-confidence.

Phase 2 – Communication

As we learn to understand our own thoughts and feelings at a deep level, we learn to communicate them clearly with our wife.

We learn to deeply understand her thoughts and feelings, so she feels understood, loved and safe.

At this point, we can turn our conflicts with our wife into more connection, and we form a great partnership.

With money, sex, in-laws, parenting, religion and housework, we have agreements that work for both of us.

At this point, you are true partners and teammates in life, and you have deep mental and emotional intimacy.

Phase 3 – Intimacy

Now that your wife feels safe and understood by you…

And you can work through any difficulty using your communication skills…

You can create incredible sexual intimacy along with your mental and emotional intimacy.

This often happens naturally, but we also learn tips and tools that will take your sexual intimacy to the next level.

Your Results

By going through this process, you become the strong, attractive man that God meant you to be.

The leader of your home and family.

And, you’ll be able to teach these skills of mental and emotional management to your children, and deepen your relationships with them, your co-workers, and others.

Most importantly, you’ll have the kind of love, intimacy and connection you’ve always wanted in your marriage.

You’ll wake up to a wife who smiles when she sees you. You’ll go to work with renewed confidence, knowing that things are great at home. You’ll come home to a wife who jumps into your arms. You’ll enjoy an evening of laughter and love together as a family. Then, you’ll have some time with your wife to reflect and talk about your hopes, dreams and fears, connecting at a deep level. You’ll end the day with great physical intimacy, and go to bed saying “I can’t wait to do this again tomorrow.”

This will be the model your children will follow in their lives and marriages.

And that will lead to generations of loving families.

And it can start with you.

If you are a high achieving, professionally successful Christian man who is ready to transform himself into the strong, attractive man that God, you, your wife and your kids want you to be…

CLICK HERE to schedule a call and fill out an application to join the Love, Intimacy And Legacy Program.

I will review your answers to the application before our call.

Let’s do this my friend!

Dr. Mike