Foundational Strength Training

Welcome to The Super Man System!

To get started, we have to have to build our foundation.

It’s built on 8 foundational pillars.

You will focus on one each week for the first 8 weeks of your program.

These foundations will help you become a truly STRONG man.

Strong spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and sexually.

As you do this, you will become IRRESISTIBLE to your wife.

NOTE: Some videos are part of the $8,000 course I mentioned. So, if a program is mentioned, or it mentions a certain week in the video, that’s why.

Week 1

Foundation 1: Develop Unbreakable Self-Esteem (The Most Attractive Thing To A Woman) and Become A Man On A Mission

This is the true foundation for the rest of your strength building activities.

This exercise will help you:

  1. Develop an unshakeable sense of self-confidence, the core of strength to be attractive to your wife
  2. Set a clear course for your life
  3. Use proven daily practices to start creating the life and marriage of your dreams

You will become a strong man on a mission, which is what will make your wife irresistibly attracted to you.

P.S. If you ever feel yourself slipping or feel overwhelmed, come back to this week and make sure you’re reviewing it daily. It is the key to having the marriage and life you want.

CLICK HERE for Foundation 1.

Week 2

Foundation 2: See Your Wife in the Right Way to Create Passion

You may be seeing and treating your wife as an object without realizing it.

In fact, I can almost guarantee that you are.

Review this week’s materials to see what you’re doing wrong that’s sabotaging passion… and what to do instead.

CLICK HERE for foundation 2.

Week 3

Foundation 3: Stop Needing Your Wife

Often we use our wives to build up our self-esteem.

This is a definite recipe for no and low passion in your marriage.

This week you’ll learn how to stop needing your wife… and what to do instead.

CLICK HERE for foundation 3.

Week 4

Foundation 4: Stop Trying to “Make Your Wife Happy”

It’s easy for us to feel responsible for the thoughts and emotions of others.

We can think that our main goal is to “make our wife happy.”

But, this creates MAJOR problems in your marriage and is a passion KILLER.

Learn how to stop trying to “make your wife happy” here.

CLICK HERE for foundation 4.

Week 5

Foundation 5: Master Your Thoughts And Your Life

Last week we talked about how your thoughts, feelings, actions, intentions and results in your life are YOUR responsibility.

So, if you’re not having the thoughts, feelings, actions and results you want in your life and marriage, what should you do?

Learn exactly what to do this week.

CLICK HERE for foundation 5.

This week, also review Master Your Emotions, as it will help you with this exercise.

Week 6

Foundation 6: Become a master communicator

“We just can’t communicate” is a big complaint of many couples.

Find out what communication REALLY is, and why what you’ve learned so far isn’t working.

CLICK HERE for week 6.

Week 7

Foundation 7: Have Electric Sex With Your Wife

Learn how to get your wife in the mood and have her wanting sex with you.

CLICK HERE for week 7.

Week 8

Foundation 8: Maintain and Grow Your Passion

Congratulations! This is your last week of foundational strength training.

Learn how to maintain the progress you’ve made and continue to grow your passion.

CLICK HERE for week 8.