Become A Man On A Mission

Becoming a man on a mission is most important step in bringing the passion back to your marriage.

When you know what you want from life, and live in integrity as you reach toward that, you will have more confidence than ever before.

And, because of that, you’ll be irresistible to your wife.

Writing your mission statement and reviewing it daily as described is essential and required as a member of the Super Man System.

When you are done, submit your statement through Google Classroom. Class code: 2ili7k.

And, I’d love to hear how it helped you!

Follow these steps to start being a Man on a Mission:

Step 1: Watch This First – Where Self-Esteem Comes From:

Step 2: Watch This Second

UPDATE: For my own personal mission statement and morning reflection, I am focusing on remembering my own worth and purpose FIRST, then having that overflow to my wife, children and you guys!

Step 3: Write And Share Your Mission Statement

Write your mission statement out. It may take some time to do this, and that’s ok.

Once it’s written, you’ll share your mission statement in these ways:

  1. Submit your mission statement using Google Classroom. Class code: 2ili7k. This way I know you’re taking the program seriously!
  2. Share your mission statement with your wife
  3. Share your mission statement with your children

Start Being A Man On A Mission

This may have been a wake up call for you, which is good!

Now, you’ll need to start an intentional daily practice to live your mission.

Every morning, spend time reviewing your main roles and plan for how to be the best you can be in those.

Pray to see yourself, your spouse, your kids and others as God sees you.

See how you can serve your wife and children, body, mind, heart and spirit.

Visualize what your perfect life and relationships will look like.

At the end of the day, do a mental review to see how you could have improved. Ask for feedback from your wife and kids too!

As you make corrections outside the home (at work, from your past, at community responsibilities, with other family, at church, etc.) share those stories with your wife and children so they can see you are changing not just at home, but everywhere else.

These will be great stories that will be part of your family legacy.

Great work!

Now submit your statement through Google Classroom. Class code: 2ili7k.

And, tell me your stories about how this helped you in your life and marriage!