Week 2 – Seeing Your Wife In The Right Way To Create Passion

You may be seeing and treating your wife as an object without realizing it.

In fact, I can almost guarantee that you are.

This week you’ll learn how to view your wife in a way that will create passion and connection… instead of distance.

Step 1 – Review These Videos

Step 2 – Write an apology to your wife (and children)

Write an apology letter to your wife about the times you have treated her like an object.

Since we’re talking about creating passion, pay particular attention to the times that you have treated her as an object for sex.

Step 3 – Submit your apology letter on Google Classroom

Visit Google Classroom and go to your week 2 assignment under “Foundational Strength Training” in “Classwork” to submit your letter. Class code: 2ili7k.