Week 6 – Become a Master Communicator

Step 1 – Review These Videos

The #1 Communication Skill

How to show love the right way

Step 2 – Understand unconditional love

The term “unconditional love” gets thrown around a lot.

What does it really mean?

It means that you act in a way that is loving towards your wife without expecting something back.

One of the best examples of this is cleaning the house.

A lot of men will clean the house.

For a short amount of time.

But, when they do not get enough appreciation for it, or if their wife is not more open to sex, they give up.

I did this plenty of times.

In this case, cleaning was a conditional form of love.

I was cleaning, but I expected something back. When I did not get that,I became very upset and stopped serving my wife.

The funny thing is, my wife really could tell when I was cleaning for this reason.

That is probably the biggest reason why my “helping” did not help create more passion in my marriage.

But, once I understood the idea of unconditional love, I started to clean just because I wanted to help my wife.

I genuinely did not want or expect anything back from her for doing it.

I did not expect appreciation. I did not expect sex. I did not even expect a smile.

And, guess what happened?

Once I made this change inside myself, I got the appreciation, and the passion, that I had tried to get in the first place.

You see, women are very attuned to the reasons why you are doing things.

If they feel you are expecting something from them in return for your help, they are unlikely to give it.

It feels manipulative. And it is!

But, when you truly don’t expect anything back, your wife will WANT to reciprocate.

She will want to do kind things for you.

She will give it to you freely.

It’s one of the big paradoxes of love.

In most things, you get what you want by going directly after it.

If I want to shoot a deer, I go hunt it and shoot it.

But, if you want passion with your wife, you can’t just tell her you want it, or try to trade her for it.

You have to give to her without expecting anything back.

You have to serve and love her because it’s the right thing to do and it makes you feel good to choose to do that.

Once you make this shift, you will be amazed at how much passion creates.

Step 3 – Start Communicating Effectively

There are a few things to do this week:

  1. Take the time to truly and deeply understand your wife on a particular issue
  2. Learn your and your wife’s love language. You can use this quiz.
  3. Start showing unconditional love in your wife’s love language


Step 4 – Submit your assignment on Google Classroom

Visit Google Classroom and go to your week 6 assignment under “Foundational Strength Training” in “Classwork” to submit your assignment. Class code: 2ili7k.