The Top 5 Apology Mistakes

Most men think apologizing means saying “I’m sorry” and moving on.

But that’s a big mistake.

And it’s that attitude that will keep you “in the doghouse” and keep you from regaining your wife’s love and trust.

Learn what an apology is, and the common mistakes men make when trying to apologize, in this episode.

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-An apology includes seeing what you did that hurt your wife, acknowledging her hurt, and doing deep work to change yourself from someone who would hurt his wife

-Men will often not apologize at all, or get defensive

-They will minimize what they did (that was a long time ago, it could have been worse)

-They will get impatient and encourage their wife to “get over it” and “move forward”

-They will ask their wife to trust them 

-They will make it about them instead of the hurt they caused their wife

If you have done any of these, this episode will help you see why these are problems and how to change them.

Dr. Mike
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