The 5 Essential Skills For A Happy Marriage

You want a happy marriage. 

One where you wake up feeling like the luckiest man alive.

Where you go to work feeling strong and confident, because you know your wife has your back.

Where you come home to a wife who smiles and jumps into your arms when you come home.

Where you sit down to a dinner of laughter and connection with your family.

After dinner, you sit and talk with your wife about your hopes, dreams and fears, feeling more connected than ever.

You head to bed for a night of passion and connection.

You go to bed thinking “I can’t believe this is my life.”

You CAN have this kind of marriage.

You just have to master 5 skills to get there.

In this episode I’ll show you what they are.

And, how you can learn them in just 6 weeks through my Marriage Basic Training program.

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I know you’re busy. That’s why I’ve made this my SIMPLEST program EVER.

One 20-30 minute lesson each week. 1 skill to apply each week. Coaching on that skill.

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Dr. Mike
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