3 Levels Of Communication In Marriage

Are you struggling with communication in your marriage?

Do you feel like you just don’t understand your wife, or that she just doesn’t understand you?

In this episode, you’ll find out EXACTLY how to reach the DEEPEST levels of communication.

This type of communication brings the PASSION and INTIMACY back into your marriage…

Even if that spark has been missing for YEARS.

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-There are 3 levels of communication in marriage…

-Level 1: Superficial communication (business items)

-Level 2: Emotional communication (sharing of feelings, hopes, dreams, fears, getting to know each other at a deep level)

-Most marriages stop here (or get stuck at superficial level)

-Level 3: Intimate communication

-This is COURAGEOUS communication that is TRUE to you, but that your wife probably WILL NOT LIKE

-This type of communication is what can make your marriage EXPLODE to new levels of intimacy and passion