You Are Worth Choosing – How To Stop Needing Your Wife’s Validation

A lot of the men I work with are looking for VALIDATION from their wives.

Now, they will call it different things.

They will say “I just want my wife to care” or “I just want my wife to have sex with me” or “I just want my wife to reach out to me when she doesn’t need something.”

But, when it comes down to it, they are asking for their wife to VALIDATE their sense of self-worth.

I did this for YEARS in my marriage.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.

Your wife can NOT be responsible for your sense of self-worth.

She can try for a while, but eventually she’ll get tired of it.

Instead, you need to KNOW for YOURSELF that you have INFINITE worth and potential.

That you are WORTH choosing.

Then, you can go out and serve your wife WITHOUT expecting her attention, appreciation or affection…

Which is when you are MOST LIKELY to get it from her.

Because she knows there really are “no strings attached.”

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