When You Feel Trapped In Your Marriage – How To Feel Free AND Stay Married

Sometimes it can seem like you have 2 options in your marriage:

Stay married and miserable or…

Get divorced and finally be free.

Luckily, there is a third option.

That is to feel FREE AND stay married.

There are 3 marriage traps that make us feel stuck.

You’ll learn what they are and how to break out of all 3 in this episode.

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-Trap 1 – Trying to control your wife’s feelings and thoughts

-How to escape: Know your own worth, choosing to be the husband you WANT to be

-Trap 2 – Service and compromise. Rejecting and denying your own desires and agency.

-How to escape: Make requests, set boundaries, own your decisions

-Trap 3 – Thinking marriage HAS to work 

-How to escape: Realize you DO have the option to leave, then DECIDE whether to stay or not. Also let your wife choose whether to stay or not and know you WILL be ok either way if you build the necessary strengths and skills to get strong, get attractive, and get the marriage of your dreams.


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