Valentine’s Special – 3 Kinds Of Love In Marriage

Love. A word that can mean SO many different things.

And confusion about what kind of love belongs in marriage causes LOTS of marriage problems.

In this episode we’ll discuss the 3 most valuable types of love in marriage…

And how to develop them.

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-Agape, or unconditional love, belongs in marriage. BUT, your spouse can’t give it to you, and you can’t give it to your spouse. You need to get it from an infinite source.

-Philia, or companionship love. This is essential for a great marriage. Committing to being great partners for each other for life.

-Eros, or romantic, sexual love. What distinguishes marriage from other close, philia, relationships. 

-If you’re not getting the kind of love you want, make sure you’re offering it in an attractive way, then ask for what you want effectively, and choose what YOU will do if your request is not granted (set a boundary).


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