The Two Questions Your Wife Is Asking After You Hurt Her

The reason you’re not as connected to your wife as you’d like to be is because you’ve hurt her in some way.

That might be an obvious way, like an affair.

Or it may be a more subtle way, like neglecting her over time or serving her with “strings attached” (mosquito behaviors).

Either way, you have created disconnection by hurting her.

Most men try to fix this by trying to tell their wife they’re sorry and to move forward.

But that doesn’t work.

Learn what DOES work in this episode.

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-After you hurt your wife, she is asking “can I trust him?” and “will he hurt me again?”

-She draws closer as the starts to believe she can trust you, then pulls away when she’s afraid you might hurt her again

-Your job is to be consistent, trustworthy, manage your emotions, and communicate clearly (including the hard stuff)

-If you were hurt, remember you can’t rush trust. It has to be earned. Be patient with yourself. Make appropriate requests and set appropriate boundaries

-Consider coaching to help you through the process


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