The 3 Levels Of Sex In Marriage

Do you wish you had a better sex life with your wife?

Do you have a hard time bringing up sex with your wife…

Or does she often say “no” or “I’m too tired” when you do finally ask?

In this episode, you’ll learn WHY your sexual advances are unattractive to your wife…

And how to make them much MORE attractive…

And likely to get a “yes.”

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-There are 3 levels of sex in marriage

-Physical – orgasm-focused

-Emotional – validation-focused

-Rational – knowledge-focused

-When you are on level 1 or 2, your wife knows you are trying to USE her through sex (which is why she says “no”)

-When you are on level 3, your wife and you know that it’s about deep CONNECTION (which is why she will say “yes”)