How You Are Manipulating Your Wife

We are always manipulating the people around us.

We want something FROM them…

Or FOR them.

We want to “move” them into certain positions.

Emotional dependence on us or emotional resilience.

Sexual obligation or sexual choice.

Religious obligation or religious choice.

This week I got an in-depth view of how I manipulate my wife, kids and friends… and I didn’t like what I saw.

I took the time to INTENTIONALLY decide how I was going to try to move (manipulate) the people around me.

And the results are already SO much better.

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-An outside perspective is INVALUABLE to finding your negative patterns

-Find your “old moves” and intentionally choose “new moves” for the important people in your life

-Use mapping as a way to more deeply understand and connect with the important people in your life

-The book Brain Talk can help you through this process. You can get it on Amazon here.


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