How To Stop REPELLING Your Wife… The Tale Of The Mosquito And The Dictator

Is your wife EXCITED to see you every day?

Does she tell her friends how great you are?

Does she tell your boys to be just like you, and your daughters to marry someone just like you?

If not, you may be acting like a DICTATOR or MOSQUITO… and not even know it.

See how you might be REPELLING your wife… and how to fix it in this episode.


-When you don’t have a strong sense of self-worth, you tend to try to borrow it from your wife

-You can do that by putting her down (dictator), or by constantly trying to get her attention, appreciation and affection (mosquito)

-Often we switch between mosquito (bending over backwards for our wife) to dictator when our mosquito ways aren’t getting enough attention

-The solution is finding love and respect for yourself that is EQUAL to your wife

-Ask just right, listen just right, give just right

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