Week 6 – Stop Needing Your Wife

Reminder: Make sure you’re still reviewing your personal mission statement every morning, visualizing your future, meditating, then reviewing how you did each night.

We’ve made great progress so far men!

We have built spiritual strength by remembering our infinite worth and potential, becoming men of our word, and becoming men on a mission.

We have built mental strength by taking control of our thoughts, meditating, and visualizing.

We have built emotional strength by learning to recognize, feel and use our emotions for good.

We have become expert communicators by seeking first to understand, then to be understood and learned to speak our wife’s love language.

Now, we’re going to look at the ways that we might be needing our wife in the wrong ways.

The source of true self-esteem:

  1. Remembering your infinite worth and potential
  2. Making and keeping promises. Being a man of your word.

Step 1 – Think about and write out your “worth booby traps” and your phrases that will help you remember the 2 things above.

Write out which “worth booby traps” you have fallen victim to in the past.

Then, choose phrases you can use in your morning and evening routine to remind yourself of your infinite worth and potential.

For example: I have infinite worth and potential. My marriage is a chance for me to become my best self. I will be a man of my word.

Share this with me at dr.mike@mikefraziermd.com

Step 2 – Write a letter to your wife about how you have needed her in the wrong ways in the past, and how you will approach things in a developed way in the future

The outline of the letter will be like this:

Dear Jill,

  1. Give examples of times when you have been a dictator, developed and doormat
  2. Explain why you were acting this way (trying to feel superior, get her approval, or be seen as the perfect husband. In other words, using her to give you something)
  3. Explain what you will do differently in the future (remind yourself of your own worth, understand her and speak your mind clearly and respectfully, work together towards a “higher way”)

Share the letter with me at dr.mike@mikefraziermd.com