Win Your Wife Back Week 4 – Get Emotionally Strong (Master Your Emotions)

Reminder: Make sure you’re still reviewing your personal mission statement every morning, visualizing your future, meditating, then reviewing how you did each night.

You’re making great progress so far!

You’ve learned where real self-confidence comes from: remembering your infinite inherent worth and in keeping your promises.

You’ve become a man on a mission by creating your personal mission statement, so you know exactly where you want to go in your life.

You’ve learned to visualize the future that you want for yourself, and learned a key skill to choose and control your thoughts.

You’ve come a long way already!

This week we’re going to be learning to become the master of our emotions.

In many cases, our anger, stress or anxiety cause problems in our marriage.

This week we’re going to learn how to recognize and use those emotions to our benefit, instead of having them cause problems.

We’re also going to identify our best coping strategies based on our personality.

Step 1 – Identify if you are “fight” or “flight” in conflict with your wife

Use this sheet to help you figure it out.

Step 2 – Choose your coping strategies

Decide which coping strategies work best for you. Think body, mind, heart and spirit.

Use the “exercise personality test” to find exercises that match your personality.

Step 3- Use the Master Your Emotions Worksheet

Use this worksheet to help you figure out:

  1. How to name your emotions
  2. When you feel certain emotions
  3. How you feel the emotions in your body
  4. How you have acted in the past when you’ve felt that way
  5. How your reactions probably made your wife and kids (and others) feel
  6. What you will do in the future (what coping skills you will learn and how you will act differently towards others)

Do one for each of these emotions: anger, anxiety/fear, sadness/hurt, happiness/joy, peace/love and strength/determination.

Share your thought record about anger with me using Google Docs at

Step 4 – Share what you learned with your wife and children through a letter

  • Write out your emotions
  • How you feel them
  • What you will do to help them (your coping skills)
  • Apologize for mismanaging your emotions in the past
  • Let them know your new game plan

Share the letter to your wife with me using Google Docs at