Win Your Wife Back – Week 1

Write a moving apology letter to your wife

This week we will be writing an apology letter to your wife.

Important: The intention of this letter is not to win your wife back in one shot with a great letter.

We are trying to deeply understand how you hurt her and drove her away.

We are then going to request that she postpone definite action (separation, finalizing divorce) for 8 weeks.

Follow these steps:

Step 1 – Watch this video on the real source of self-esteem

Step 2 – Watch these videos on seeing your wife as a person instead of an object

Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3

Step 3 – Watch this video on how to write your letter

Watch the video 3 times.

Once to get an overview of how you’ll write the letter.

The second time as you write, referring to the ideas in the video for ideas.

The third time before you send in your first draft to make sure it follows the outline in the video.

Step 4 – Review these templates for ideas

Step 5 – Write your letter in Google Docs. Click here to sign up for google docs.

Step 6 – Share your letter with me at (see this video to see how to share the document ).

Make sure to allow me to edit the document.

I will edit it using “suggest” mode. You will approve suggestions.

Step 7 – Share your letter with your wife

Best way: Read it to her if at all possible. Don’t be shy about this. Just tell her you’ve written something that you’d like to share with her. Tell her your intention. Not to change her mind. You want to (and have tried to) deeply understand how you hurt her and drove her away. You want to chance to really apologize for what you’ve done, and you’d like to do it face to face.

Next best: Hand deliver. After you’ve done the above with your letter in hand, if she won’t allow you to read it, go ahead and hand her the letter at that point. Ask her to please read the whole thing.

Next best: Certified Mail. You want to make sure she gets it.

I would recommend both hand delivering and sending certified mail if you can’t read it to her.

I’ve been asked if hand written or typed is better.

I would say rely on your best judgment.

Hand written can be more romantic and meaningful in some cases.

If your handwriting is bad (like mine), then it might do more harm than good as she struggles to understand what you wrote.

Step 8 – Repeat this process for each of your children

If you have children, repeat this same process for each of them individually.

At the end of this week, your wife and each of your children should have a moving apology letter written and read to them.

Note: I will only review the letter to your wife.

But, once you get how to do it for your wife, you’ll be able to repeat the process for each of your children,

Remember, you have access to me at for questions!

I’m looking forward to your letter!