The Super Marriage System

Welcome to The Super Marriage System!

Over the next 8 weeks you will be going through a proven system to become more attractive than 99.99% of men out there… and save your marriage in the process.

Each week you will have a new lesson and new assignment to complete.

I’m excited to share this program with you! If you take it seriously, it WILL change your life.

If you have any questions, contact

Getting Started

You will get your first video and action item on February 4th.

In the next few days, I will be sending a survey out to our group to make sure I customize the program to your specific needs.

Over this weekend, do the following:

Step 1 – Review and implement your Quick Start Guide

Go through your Quick Start Guide and start doing and saying what it says, depending on your situation. CLICK HERE for your Quick Start Guide .

It includes next steps and action items depending on your current situation (you were unfaithful, your wife was unfaithful, you are living together, you are separated).

Step 2 – Review your bonus material. Start practicing relaxation exercises.

Learning to relax will be KEY to your success in marriage and life.

Start listening to and practicing relaxation, morning and night.

You can access your bonus materials (Quick Start Guide, How to Get Your Wife In The Mood eBook, relaxation exercises, worksheets, and 3 brains of sex training) here. CLICK HERE for your bonus materials.

Step 3 – Get Support

Starting NOW, you can ask me any question, any time ANONYMOUSLY and have it answered GUARANTEED.

Ask your questions (and review answers to past questions on the Ask Dr. Mike page.

If you haven’t yet, and you feel up to becoming part of a group of hundreds of men who are trying to save their marriage, join our Win Your Wife Back Facebook Group here.

It can be lonely being in a strained marriage You’ll find the group VERY helpful and supportive.

Week 1 – First Aid For Your Marriage – Feb 4