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Thank you for registering for our webinar with Dr. Mike Frazier and Dr. Steve Turley!

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Thursday, January 19th at 12PM Pacific Time, 1PM Mountain, 2PM central, 3PM Eastern.

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Men are under attack in our society today.

It can be hard to know how to stand up and be the patriot and Christian leader that we know we’re called to be.. in our own lives and in our homes.

It can be tough to understand how to balance both strength and love in our homes. We don’t want to dominate others, but we don’t want to be spineless either.

When we alternate between these, we become very unattractive to our wives.

That’s why in a special presentation on Thursday, January 19th at 3PM Eastern, I’ll be teaching you…

*The top things you are doing that are LOSING the respect of yourself, your wife and others

*The #1 trait that INCREASES self-respect and gains respect from others (including your wife and children)

*How to restore trust, improve communication and create real intimacy in your marriage… even if it’s been years of low intimacy, if there’s been infidelity or pornography problems, or if you’re talking about separation or divorce

*How to set a strong AND loving example for generations to follow

*How to be the man that God, you, your wife and your kids can be proud of

When you become this man, your wife is very ATTRACTED to you.

And, your kids and grandkids WANT to spend time with you.

My name is Mike Frazier, MD. I am a psychiatrist and marriage coach for high achieving, professionally successful Christian men.

I love helping men become the strong and loving leaders of their homes that God, they, their wife and their kids can be proud of. You can see some of their results here.

This is what makes them true leaders and creates a marriage that has phenomenal mental, emotional and sexual intimacy.

And, over the next few days you’ll receive some emails from me that will help you start becoming stronger and more attractive starting now.

Looking forward to seeing you on the webinar!

Dr. Mike

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