Week 7 – Become Sexually Powerful

Reminder: Make sure you’re still reviewing your personal mission statement every morning, visualizing your future, meditating, then reviewing how you did each night.

You’ve made great progress! You’ve built spiritual strength, mental strength and emotional strength.

You’ve learned to see yourself as someone with infinite worth and potential, and to see your wife the same way so you stop needing her to make you feel good about yourself.

Now, we can learn how to make sex an amazing, electric, passionate part of your marriage.

Your Letter

Write to your wife about how you’ve approached sex in problematic ways in the past (lizard sex, needing her to make you feel good sex, treating her like an object).

Write about how you want to start using sex to get to know her in a deeper, more intimate and special way.

Share the letter using Google Docs with me at dr.mike@mikefraziermd.com

Your Challenge

Start talking about sex together. Use the sexual exercises here.