Win Your Wife Back Week 3 – Get Mentally Strong (Master Your Thoughts)

Reminder: Make sure you’re reviewing your personal mission statement every morning, then reviewing how you did each night.

You’re making great progress so far!

You’ve learned where real self-confidence comes from: remembering your infinite inherent worth and in keeping your promises.

You’ve become a man on a mission by creating your personal mission statement, so you know exactly where you want to go in your life.

Now, you’re going to start creating that life that you planned out.

This week we’re going to be learning a few of the best tools ever invented to improve your marriage and your life.

When you are master of your thoughts, you truly take control of your life.

Using the tools you’ll use here, you’ll start to create the mental creation of the marriage and life you want.

That mental creation is necessary to then produce the physical creation of the marriage and life you want.

Learn how to become master of your thoughts

Step 1 – Visualize your ideal life every morning

Use your mission statement to create your vision of your ideal life.

Use as many senses as you can. See it. Feel it. Hear it. Smell it. Taste it. Feel it.

What does your ideal life look like across your various priorities?

Step 2 – Add meditation to your morning routine

Start with 1 minute each day and then build up. Most meditation experts recommend around 20 minutes a day.

The practice is simple. Close your eyes. Sit up straight. Focus on your breath.

When your thoughts wander, simply take notice, and bring your attention back to your breath.

To be master of your thoughts, you must be able to observe your thoughts instead of being carried away by them.

This practice allows you to be an observer of your thoughts, instead of a slave to them.

Step 3- Learn to use the Thought Record

If your contact with your spouse is limited at this point, that’s ok. This is a tool that you can use with any situation or any relationship.

This will be one of the most helpful tools you will find to understand and manage your thoughts, feelings, actions and results.

Step 4 – Fill out 3 thought records for 3 separate situations.

Look for common themes that come up. Often the same deep thought will come up in various situations.

Share one filled out thought record with me at using Google Docs.

Step 5 – Share what you learned with your wife and children through a letter

  • Give a specific example
  • Explain your deeper thought/feeling
  • Apologize for acting the way you did. Try to understand how it affected them.
  • Let them know how you will choose new thoughts and actions in the future
  • Ask for their help to remind you

Share the letter to your wife with me using Google Docs at