What To Do When Your Wife Is Depressed And Anxious

When your wife is depressed and/or anxious, it can be hard to know what to do to help her.

Today I have a special guest, Lizzie Langston.

She is an LDS postpartum coach, helping women overcome depression and anxiety that often follows having a baby.

We discuss how we as husbands can help our wives as they struggle with depression and anxiety.

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You can find Lizzie on her website or her instagram, @LizzieLangston.


-Don’t take responsibility for your wife’s depression or anxiety

-Don’t try to “fix” her depression or anxiety

-Physically being there, even without saying anything, is very helpful to her

-Make sure to be managing your own self-care well

-Make getting help not a big deal, as she likely feels like a burden and doesn’t want to be a financial burden

-Model getting help by getting help or coaching for yourself

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